Playpublik Krakau

Initiated by Goethe-Institut Krakau as part of the project SPIELTRIEB! and curated by Invisible Playground, this second edition of Playpublik featured the work of more than 50 artists & designers from 15 countries, celebrating, exploring, questioning – in public, through play – what it means to live together in our shared world.

“From October 3-5 2014, let’s create the Momentary States of Kraków. Together, let’s try on new rules. Let’s use them to look at ourselves and the surrounding world – and then decide if we want to throw away or keep them.”

Playpublik Krakau combined games, workshops, and conversations. The week leading up to the festival a playpublik Camp, a collaborative game design space, inviting all artists as well as interested members of the public, to work on their projects together. The festival approaches the theme of Momentary States from three directions: landscape & bodies, attention & economies, belief & chaos.

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kultkom took over the overall production of the festival and managed, among other things, strategy, logistics, financial controlling, accounting, public relations and the implementation.

Funding | Federal Foreign Office, Franco-German Fund for Cultural Projects in Third Countries (Elysée Fund), Association of European Cultural Institutes (EUNIC)                                                                                                                                                        
Project budget | 30,000 €