The piece GIVE-A-WAY is the result of a cooperation on the theme of “sharing and giving” between the Hector Peterson School and the Deutsche Oper Berlin. Musically, an arc is drawn from the sounds of everyday school life in Kreuzberg to the “grand” opera. Under the direction of the composer and director Alexandra Holtsch and her team, an associative musical theater has emerged from the encounter of the worlds of life, which amalgamates the different musical origins and traditions with each other – and in the process tells something of the reality of life of the students and all those involved.

The production was preceded by four months of research at the school. In seven workshops (for music, scenic play, dance, stage design, costume, video, and writing), one hundred and twenty students worked, researched, and designed on the topic together with freelance artists and musicians from the Deutsche Oper Berlin. How can we think of sharing differently? What is it about giving and giving? Where does it get difficult? Where do we like to share? These were the initial questions.

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Concept development, financing and implementation of a workshop project for the development of all levels of a musical theater piece.

Cooperations | Michaela Schlagenwerth, David Reuter, Hector-Peterson-Schule, KULTURKONTAKTE e.V., Deutsche Oper Berlin.

Funding | Zur Bühne!“, funding programme of Deutscher Bühnenverein, as part of “Kultur macht stark! Bündnisse für Bildung“