Umschlagplatz Klang

Berlin Westhafen – Umschlagplatz Klang (UA) brings together numerous musicians and ensembles from Berlin with a focus on contemporary music in one concert: KNM Berlin, Ensemble Mosaik, ZAFRAAN Ensemble, Ensemble LUX:NM, Sonar Quartet, Ensemble Kaleidoskop, Ensemble Adapter, Ensemble Aparat and guests under the musical direction of Titus Engel, who has already rendered outstanding services to the cooperation of Berlin ensembles on several occasions.

Depending on the location and point of view, all participants experience a different overall composition. After the free movement within the first part, which is a walk between the individual musical stories and invites to explore distances and soundscapes, the second and third parts serve the investigation of different spatial sounds on the way to the great hall. The visitor’s path thus follows the dramaturgy of the place itself. Just as each commodity ends up in the hall, each spectator, after exploring various musical and spatial installations, experiences the finale as the logical conclusion of his/her movement in the harbor.

Many individuals become a collective work that places the importance of contemporary music production in the center of the city of Berlin – with national and international impact. Only in Berlin – with its independent scene – it is possible to realize a project like this. Only here you can find such a density of professional musicians and ensembles united by the desire to cooperate and jointly strengthen the genre. In three parts, visitors will be guided musically through the harbor area and experience the harbor in operation as a culturally vibrant and sonorous place. The musicians become sound carriers – the sound of the instruments enters into a dialogue with the harbor sounds, the architecture, the light, the water, the machines on site.

The event will take place in 2022. For further information unfold the questions below and visit the project homepage