CANTIO was premiered as a commissioned work of the Munich Music Biennale in 2004. During the development of the work, the focus was accordingly on the question of today’s definition of musical theater. Away from the conventional classifications of music and text, CANTIO wanted to answer the basic theoretical questions in a new way. The result is a highly intelligent, sensually perplexing interplay of language, rhetoric, music, sound, whose puzzling development of these elements is both intelligent and entertaining for the viewer.

The authors do not put human conflicts and their development in the center of the work, but the elements of musical theater itself. This sounds theoretical, but in the end it is not! For these elements, such as language, rhetoric, music, song, sound are superficially applied according to their inner laws, their formal being so, quasi (musically) presented, but through a dramaturgical trick they receive an additional level of meaning in terms of content, which congenially expands the formal play of the elements to a play of meaning & action (thus, after all, to a story!).

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kultkom was responsible for production management, financing and public relations for this project.

Cooperations | Konzerthaus Berlin, Ultraschall – Das Festival für Neue Musik                                                            Participants | Vykintas Baltakas, Lithuanian Ensemble Network, Vivian Lüdorf, Margret Giglinger, Florian Feth, Tobias Hagge, Heiko Akrap, Rosa Jansen, Martin Kiuntke, Gabriele Stern, Thomas Weppel, Cornelia Heger, Erika Otto, Carl
Faia, Yvonne Kluin, Fred Pommerehn, Regine Bernhauer, Symeon Ioannidis, Gabriele Kortmann, Frank Bernhauer, Tamara Zenn, Hans-Jörg Bahrs, Ricarda Schlegel, Kerstin Wiehe, Arno Lücker, Peter Müller, Peer Niemann, Mia Schröer, Francesca La Vigna, Varius Messe-Event-Innenausbau GmbH

Project sponsors | Hauptstadtkulturfonds, Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung                                                                                                                                                                         Project budget | 123.000 €