Music & Theater

Umschlagplatz Klang

Berlin Westhafen – Umschlagplatz Klang (UA) brings together numerous musicians and ensembles from Berlin with a focus on contemporary music in one concert: KNM Berlin, Ensemble Mosaik, ZAFRAAN Ensemble, Ensemble LUX:NM, Sonar Quartet, Ensemble Kaleidoskop, Ensemble Adapter, Ensemble Aparat and guests under the musical direction of Titus Engel, who has already rendered outstanding services to …

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CIRCLES is a large-scale composition of voice, movement and colour that illuminates the power of collective intelligence – analogue and digital. In an immersive live symphony, CIRCLES brings together choirs and individual singers in a multi-dimensional production: an audio-visual ritual of music choreography, visual art and live bird’s-eye video projection, composed into a chaotic, eruptive …

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CANTIO was premiered as a commissioned work of the Munich Music Biennale in 2004. During the development of the work, the focus was accordingly on the question of today’s definition of musical theater. Away from the conventional classifications of music and text, CANTIO wanted to answer the basic theoretical questions in a new way. The …

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