CIRCLES is a large-scale composition of voice, movement and colour that illuminates the power of collective intelligence – analogue and digital.

In an immersive live symphony, CIRCLES brings together choirs and individual singers in a multi-dimensional production: an audio-visual ritual of music choreography, visual art and live bird’s-eye video projection, composed into a chaotic, eruptive and colourful artistic expression of human relationships and the celebration of their complexity.

Every city is, at its core, an invisible web of relationships between the people who live in it. An interweaving of conversations, encounters and clashes. A live symphony in Stuttgart, Berlin and Tel Aviv, CIRCLES is an interactive multidimensional production in public space. An audiovisual ritual of music choreography, visual art and live video projection, composed into a colourful expression of human relationships and their complexity. As a link between the communities, the online platform serves to create very personal CIRCLES and to support the rehearsal process.

Upcoming Performances – each with up to 400 participants:

Stuttgart: premiere on October 3, 2021 as part of the festival Die irritierte Stadt

Berlin: In summer 2022

Tel Aviv: In spring 2022 

Platform start: In May/June 2021

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kultkom is involved in the development of ideas and project conception and is responsible for financing, project management, platform development, public relations and artistic consulting.

Participants | Amir Shpilman (concept & composition), Marie Bues (director), Ariel Cohen (choreographie), Yair Kira, Jörg-Hannes Hahn, Robert Löw, Naoto Hieda, Kerstin Wiehe, Christoph Amann, Timo Kleinmeier, local choires

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